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Some of our clients came to us, struggling with their financial operations. Some were even navigating through business only by seeing how much cash is in the bank account. They did not know, how much they spent on which topic or in which department. The tax advisor was struggling due to missing information and receipt. Qualified business planning and actuals comparison were simply not existing.

As Sabana team, we already navigated some adventurous clients. We analyzed the status quo and took the initiative to enable them to lead with their financials and not nearly blindly. We give control back to our clients. Read here about our Expertise and Services.

Setting up and Leading Finance Departments

You do not know where to start? Does it feel overwhelming? 

Don't be. Finance is straight forward, sailing in the see of law and order to provide you with a clear business understanding and tools to lead your business

We love to help you, setting up and/ or leading your Finance & Controlling Department. We jointly have decades of experience and embrace modern solutions for your Smart Processes.

You focus on operations, let us handle the numbers.

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Preparing Finance for Sustainable Growth

Initially, a Head of Finance or even CFO Position is an overkill. However, do not underestimate your growth and the need to keep control over your finance and controlling.

You better start early and be prepared when it's needed. We experienced all stages of company growth already and offer you our support with flexible on demand services.

We know how business works and how to best use your financials. Additionally, we always raise the chances, of connecting your Operational KPIs with your finance for sustainable growth. 

Expanding your business to new countries

In our careers as well as with Sabana, we already incorporated hundreds of entities in more than 50 countries all around the world. 

We already implemented Shared Service Centers, handled  the agreements needed required, the transfer pricing. first hirings and much more.

Despite sharing our experience in the financial and legal environment, the team also already set up operations in new countries.  

Expanding to new countries is a chance and a risk. We know how to handle it.

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Support on the way to a Funding Round

Many businesses do not have the capacities to handle additional tasks required with an investment round.

We know that, but we also handled those additional tasks already multiple times. Whether it is the creation of Business Plan, the definition of a holding structure, the smartest way to send funding, or Audits and Due Diligence processes, we have done it a lot over the years. You can benefit from this on demand. 

Control your Group Financials

You are actually navigating a whole group of companies? Tell us about it.

Administrating a group of companies as a concern, has its own challenges. We already dealt with Funding (loan and equity), international Withholding Taxes, Group Consolidation, International Audits, international Business Plans and much more.

You want experienced support or someone to train your team? Contact us.

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Give more confidence to operations

Some companies lead their operations by intuition. Inventory, Supply, Production, Sales, and Delivery have to function as comes.  Is this your way? Is this the best way?

We know how to create the tools and train your employees (on these) for optimizing the core operations of your business. Processes will be more measurable and plannable. The stress level within your team decreases. Customer needs can be handled more in time. 

Let us help you. Let us have a talk.

Control and optimize your supply chain

Despite implementing smart tools for optimizing the supply chain in form of your operational processes, our team also already gathered experience in international Supply Chain Management. 

We coordinated international logistics of large energy companies.
We developed highly demanded market intelligence reports.

You have challenges with your supply chain? Let us have a look and help you. Reach out to us. 

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Get the masses under control

Whether it is masses in Cooperation Agreements, in Crowdfunding Investors or other Contracts and Data, they need to be handled with care. You do not want to risk, your Partners in Business to talk bad about you and ruin your Brand Name. It is tough to build it, but simple to destroy.

Despite this, we know, the content of the contracts need to drafted with diligence. Some content might be mandatory in certain circumstances. A certain database format might be worth gold for you.

You can trust us and our confidentiality. If you are struggling with this, contact us. We can handle it.

Make your Finance & HR work

Starting Businesses and (interim) leading Finance departments, even evaluating Finance & HR departments, we challenges, failures, strengths and opportunities.

We know how to set up and optimize Finance Departments. We already led teams, and coached employees. We like mentoring your staff and help with process and tool optimization. 

Feel welcome to ask us to make your Finance, Controlling and HR work.  We can act as Interim Lead or as Coaches. We can implement solutions or support your staff to be more efficient and pleased with the job.

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Your brand sucks

Do you like what you see here? We build our brand carefully. From the Logo over Copy-Writing to the PR, Advertising, Client Communication and much more, we can advise you on your Brand Development.

Do not waste time and resources before talking to us and get an impression of the added value we can provide for you.

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