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Sabana combines the strengths of experts with international business experience. We use our knowledge and global experience to help you achieve your goals.

Business team

We love helping to create unicorns

We from Sabana love unicorns. Some of our clients even achieved that status or are on the way toward it. What is your goal?

Also within Sabana, we care about the development of each other as well as of the team. We are constantly building a unicorn-like team.

Please read on to get to know and trust us even more.

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Our senior staff unites decades of hands-on experience in international business, supporting those companies in need. Additionally, we train promising talents to reach their true potential. As a team, we care about each other and our clients. We know, only when we are open, honest, and unitedly working together, the best outcome can be achieved.

Meet our senior staff:


Senior Business Advisor in Finance & Controlling, Strategy, and Expansion

  • Interim CFO
  • Financial Operations & Controlling
  • Business Planning
  • Production Planning
  • Setup and development of Finance Departments
  • Due Diligence processes
  • Regional Expansion
Target & Vision

My goal is to support clients in achieving their maximum potential. 

Not every client offers a unique type of service or has the potential to reach the masses,  but that does not mean, they cannot be successful.

I want to help you not to be scared of financials, numbers, and changes. It is not that hard to operate abroad or navigate through due diligence processes.

Let us help you navigate through your challenges, understand your situation, and better plan ahead.

My vision is for you to plan see and realize a better tomorrow.

Main Experience
  • Our business Advisor since 2018.
  • 5 years as Investment Controller at Rocket Internet and as CFO at Rocket Ventures.
  • 2 years as Head of Accounting & Controlling at a Berlin-based restaurant reservation platform.
  • 2 years as Strategy controller at T Systems.
  • 4 years developing tech projects as Entrepreneur


Senior Business Advisor in Supply Chain Management, Branding, Business Planning, Strategy, and Expansion

  • Interim COO
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Planning & Controlling
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Brand Management
  • Market Intelligence
  • Regional Expansion
Target & Vision

My goal is to implement efficient and creative solutions in Strategy, Operations & Controlling. 

Not every client has developed a clear business strategy. In most cases, a great strategy can be highly beneficial for the success.

I want to help businesses develop, implement and evaluate a business strategy that can lead them to success.

Let us us show you your true potential with a realistic yet challenging s strategy and business plan for your company.

My vision is for you to have a clear road to achieve better results tomorrow.

Main Experience
  • Our business Advisor since 2018.
  • 4 years as Entrepreneur in the fields of Market Intelligence, Logistics, Branding, and Expansion in Colombia and the USA.
  • 4 years in Supply Chain Management at an international maritime agency.
  • 2 years as International Project Manager in Branding and Business Development at an international media company.

We are always looking out for you:

Junior Business Advisor

We are looking for junior business advisors, focusing on Strategy, Finance, and Controlling, in full-time, part-time, as intern or as working student.

Your Focus
  • Learn about processes in Finance & Controlling.
  • Set up systems, and solve challenges with us.
  • Execute tasks in the Finance department.
  • Experience working with database structures, Microsoft Excel and Power Query.
  • Help projects grow and grow yourself.
  • Business Development tasks might be required as well.
What to expect

You will work mostly from our office close to Schönhauser Allee in Berlin. Working at the office of clients is possible. Home office can be agreed.

Work on and with exciting businesses, and experience different industries. We will train you and grow you to reach new levels.

Become a valued part of our team. just like our clients, we also want to develop our team members to be the best they can be. 

Now it is up to you to become a part of the Sabana story.

About You
  • You achieved or work on a degree in business.
  • You already have some experience in Finance or controlling
  • Ideally, you already know the basics of Microsoft Excel.
  • You are eager to work in German and English.
  • You are not scared of working with big data.
  • You already have a basic understanding of database techniques.
  • You are open to working on and learning new topics.
  • You work precisely and detail-oriented.

External Trainee in Finance & Controlling

You want your junior staff to be trained professionally? We are happy to step in and support you and your business

What we teach
  • Processes in Finance & Controlling.
  • Working with database structures for more process efficiency and output accuracy, minimizing the risk of manual errors.
  • Working with Microsoft Excel and Power Query.
  • Business Planning at an example of your business.
  • Optimizing the Actual input for business plans
  • And much more, talk to us so we see how we can help you.
What to expect

We will work with and train your junior staff in Finance and Controlling from from your office and digitally. 

We will train your team member on important tools and techniques for process efficiency and minimizing the risk of manual errors.

We will train your colleague in Finance and Controlling processes.

What we expect from you
  • You are willing to give your employee the time required to become the best version of himself.
  • You are willing to invest in your staff today for a better tomorrow.
  • To see the fit of your colleague for our methods, we won’t accept any trainee without seeing the CV and conducting an interview via video conference.

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