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As a business, we are permanently working on writing success stories for our clients. Ultimately, we only survive for years by matching our client's needs, solving challenges, and creating success. Read here about some of our success stories and how we can help you succeed in business.

Business Plans

After successfully delivering Business Plans to clients in multiple industries, such as Legal Tech, Record Label, Production Companies, and other Tech companies, we identify this as one of our core services.

Our approach is simple, yet often overlooked:

  1. We understand our clients' needs (degree of detail, target to be achieved).
  2. We analyze the status quo (sources & data available).
  3. We develop individual solutions for every specific case with a high degree of automation as well as flexibility.

Taking into account financial, as well as operational KPIs enables us to plan as well as measure the business success with a solid base. We enable planning by strategizing operational efforts. Sometimes, we even receive requests months, even years later, whether we could maintain our solution still in use.

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Production Plans

As a standalone tool or an add-on to the Business Plan, we offer our clients developing tools for production planning.

To achieve that, we follow the same three main steps as for the Business Plan. We connect financial and operational KPIs.

This tool enables you to actively plan your company's production process. Scale effects on raw material pricing, production times, maximum stock, and of course also prognosis of Sales are key factors of this tool to be used by your team(s). Ideally, we directly connect the production plan to your Business Plan. This brings your quality of planning to a whole new level.

If you love this idea, wait until you see it working. It won't be set up on expensive tools which may cause extensive adjustments to your needs. Our tools are highly flexible. Yet, if required, we can also add limitations and restrictions to avoid mess-ups of your own team, for the safety of output quality.

Crowd Investment Control

Being financed by the crowd can already give a boost to your business awareness about the potential interest of the market in your products or Services.

However, if the support, as well as the number of supporters, is big, it might be difficult for you to keep the overview. With Crowd-Funding you often even promise something in return. Whether these are your Products, Merchandise, or even a Profit Share, you need to fulfill your obligations, if you do not want the crowd to go against you.

Young companies often do not have the money to invest in expensive management tools for these obligations. Therefore, they build solutions on their own without considering e.g. database techniques. In many cases, a mess is born. The amount of information is overwhelming for your team and things get messed up.

One of our clients in DOOH advertising is an example where we help to return to the state of control, fulfilling legal and investor requirements. As they are happy with our quality and efficiency of support, we are still aboard.

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Due Diligence

Due Diligence is describing a type of investigation, i.e. an audit about whether a business is fulfilling the requirements of care to be expected by a business partner. These audits can be reasoned e.g. by tax audits or upcoming investments into your business.

These audits can cause a big amount of extra work. Yet those who seek an investment often do not have the capacity to fulfill the additional demand in time.

After going through several audits and due diligence processes, with our clients, we are here to help. We can gladly take over the coordination of the process. We are experienced in creating and filling a data room, double-checking all documents, giving recommendations about documents to be shared, and coordinating questions and answers (Q&A) with your team members. We collect and coordinate so you can better focus on your operations.

Contract Management

If you believe it or not, there are even startups, dealing early on with hundreds or even thousands of contracts. These agreements might be concerning e.g. VAT law, yet no tax advisor or lawyer had a look on them.

We are no tax advisors or lawyers and therefore, we are not able to legally advise on these topics, but we can share our opinion and experience and help you to do business a step safer.

For a young company, dealing with thousands of contracts (by now finally digitally as well), we implemented a financial control board to verify the details and legally required information of each contract. This helps the business to keep the overview, knowing which agreements need mending,  execute payments, and it provides a database for audits by the authorities as well as investors.

Our client does operations now successfully with useful tools and more business-confidence.

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Invoice control

Startups can be chaotic, and bigger companies as well. With our invoice control tools, we already helped several businesses in the tech industry to regain control over their invoices, work with due dates, and actually get a deeper understanding of their expenses and income. Sometimes the best solutions are simple, flexible, and inexpensive.

Our clients now manage operations, are fully aware of their daily expenses, and understand changes faster than they would, waiting for the tax advisor or accounting. In most cases, your financial and business control can be faster and more efficient than you think.

Regional Expansion

After incorporating, administrating, and liquidating 100s of companies in more than 50 countries around the world in the name of a big company builder in Germany, this is a service we are comfortable with. With all our experience we managed to coordinate the incorporation of subsidiaries or branches for our clients.

Subsidiaries or branches are required to do business and generate revenue abroad. Yet they also add a cost factor to the equation, even if they were dormant or just a holding company (incorporation, local accounting, local tax reporting, bank fees, etc.).

As an example: we coordinated the incorporation of a subsidiary of a tech startup (by now a unicorn) in the USA.

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Entering new countries is a special mission. A lot of legal requirements have to be considered. Trademarks should be registered, domains, you may need a legal entity and of course you need staff knowing the local culture, the way to communicate to the client, the market. Product and strategy of internationalization influence the requirements. 

We have first hand experience in internationalizing self-owned companies as well as companies we support. It's a great challenge and an opportunity to grow stronger.

Managing Holdings

Holdings are companies owning the shares of other companies and administrating these. They may hold funding, structure regions and/ or projects and navigate risks.

These entities are chances for investors to invest into even these regions or projects. Holdings can help reducing tax payments and routing funding to single entities.

With holding companies you can do a lot if you plan big, but they also require certain administrative efforts.

Administrating hundreds of holding companies at a large German Company Builder, we already supported several more and less successful projects. We developed standards.

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Financial Consolidation

When you are managing a group of companies with direct share relations or even just a branch abroad, you might be required to consolidate your financial result.

Working for and with several concerns, we wolves already many structures to be consolidated. We know how to show your concern in its financials, as if it were just one company.

Despite the possible legal requirement of consolidation, this success story can give you a good understanding of the health of your business in total.

Shared Service Center & Transfer Pricing

Even the setting up, managing and administration of Shared Service Centers is part of our joint experience. Another topic that usually is directly connected is the Transfer Pricing, for example for financing the Shared Service Center.

As beneficial as the Shared Service Center for a group of companies is, it might come with its own challenges, especially when you are operating internationally. The target is to charge the costs of the Shared Service Center, plus a margin to the other group companies by a certain fair allocation split, but how should you do this and which agreements are required? What about withholding tax?

If you are facing these challenges, contact us and let's make it a success story for you as well.

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Interim Management

Another well-demanded service of ours is the interim Management, such as interim CFO/ Finance Lead or the CFO on demand. 

Especially young or small companies do not always need a C-Level Finance Lead. However, in certain situations they are needed, at least partially. We offer the on demand CFO support to some clients already.

In other cases, a CFO or Head of Finance position leaves a company and the company needs an interim solution. Also in this example, we already successfully filled the gap. We are working with the team, optimizing processes as well as the team atmosphere and we give an extended introduction into the position to the new CFO. 

We successfully help you out where you need us and let your business run smoothly.

Finance & HR Optimization

Sometimes, Managers still lead the Finance & HR department themselves. However, being busy, they do not have much time for the team. 

Another success story of ours: We know Finance and yes, we know about HR as well. For some clients we already dived deep into the team, talked to everyone, understood the professional and personal situations. We give direct feedback and at the end a summary with recommendations to the Leader as well.

We love seeing things run smoothly and the team atmosphere to be supportive, motivated and proactive.

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Premium Support

Your business success is also directly depending on your Strategy, Business Plan, Finance & Controlling and all the other Premium Services we provide.

Do not let the chances take the lead of your business. Invest into our knowledge, skills and experience to let your business directly benefit. Your team and employees should be worth it. Shut out the frustration and let us show you smart solutions fur successful business.

Let us help you write success stories yourself. Contact us now.  

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