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Business Advisory

Sabana offers smart Business Advisory with global experience to clients that want to succeed. So far we left every client fully satisfied. This is why we believe, we might be the best Business Advisors for you as well.

Hands-on Support for Businesses

Since 2018 we are successfully offering our clients active and hands-on support in Business Advisory. We love to see our clients succeed. Your success also makes us proud.

No matter if you need us to div deep into data, optimize your processes, analyze the status quo or talk about your strategy, you can count on us. We can show you how to efficiently use your financials and connect them to operational KPIs, evaluate your Finance & HR processes, develop a Strategy and measure your level of target achievement. 

With decades of experience, our team provides the professional support you need. We give you advice, develop and implement solutions, offer interim Management, and analyze optimization potential.

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Our Core Services in a nutshell

While generally focusing on Business Strategy, Finance, Controlling, and Expansion, our most demanded core services in a nutshell are:

  • Business Strategy,
  • Business Planning,
  • Interim Management, and
  • Business Expansion.

Besides these best selling Services, we can offer more as well. What are you waiting for? Read more about our Core Services and more on the Service pages. 

From Berlin around the world

While being located in Berlin, our experience exceeds this town. We are an international team, also experienced in working with colleagues worldwide. We already did business in or with companies in more than 50 countries and love to offer our learnings and best practices to our clients.

We are successful only if we help you succeed. This is our ambition, this is our passion. No matter where you are in the world, if you think, we can help you, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

In the following, we show you more about us. We are happy, you like to learn more about us.

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Sabana Ventures

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