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Since 2018, we are already successfully facing our clients' challenges in Finance & Controlling, Business Strategy as well as Expansion Management. We are hands-on business advisors, not scared of doing the dirty job. Let us reach you our hand to support you in defining and reaching your goals and structure.

Most Common Challenges

Stagnating in Business, lack of Strategy and Drive of Realization.
Mysteries and insecurities about the financials.
Missing financial Business Plan.
Losing focus of operational KPIs.
The Business Plan needs a lot of manual work (lack of automation).
Missing Tools for production planning (manufacturing).
No manpower for the due diligence.
Insecurities about regional expansion.

We do not leave you alone. In fact, we have been in your situation multiple times and support you to achieve the next level

We have experienced many entrepreneurs and businesses struggling in everyday business. Struggles can be caused by different reasons, but they have one thing in common: They stop you from succeeding.

If your struggles are in Finance & Controlling, Strategy, or Business Expansion, we are a great company for you. Please reach out to us. We can help you. 

We are experienced in:

  • The creation and automation of Business Plan Updates,
  • The setup and interim management of Finance departments,
  • International Strategic Business Advise,
  • The coordination of incorporating companies in more than 50 countries around the world

The joint global experience we lay at the palm of your hand for your success.

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