Success comes from within the team

Train your Team

  • Lack of skilled workers in Finance in Berlin
  • We train talents in Finance
  • Training efficient processes
  • Teaching the advantages of database structure in Finance
  • Mentoring a Head of Finance also in Leadership
  • Helping talents achieve the next level

Don't shortchange your team.

Challenge the status quo.

Companies are sometimes in a position where it is hard to find good and experienced staff. In Finance and Strategy, we see that every day. The shortage of skilled workers does not only affect Programmers. Every day we see companies, even struggling to find qualified employees in Finance and Strategy.

This is where we can help you.
If you found a raw diamond, we offer to form it into the diamond you desire.
If you found someone you believe is a great talent, whom you wish to help you take control over your finance, we can evaluate and train your colleague.
If you have someone that you wish worked more efficiently with your data in Finance, we love the advantages of database structure and techniques and teach your team more about it. 
Maybe you have someone who is supposed to take the head of finance position for the first time. As experienced leaders, we can also mentor your hope to becoming a great leader. Your team deserves the best.

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What is it about Finance?

In general, working in Finance is often seen as boring and less rewarding. Imagine you are a web developer and you can see and show the world what you can achieve. It feels rewarding to directly see what you can build on your own.

Finance, in contrast, often deals with handling invoices, working step by step by the law, as well as dealing with audits, and mostly everything is confidential. To most people, this does not sound sexy at all, but what if this is just a question of perspective?

We see great success in the solutions we implement with our clients. We are not talking about expensive solutions that require expensive adaptions. We talk about getting the best out of what most already use. We want fast and efficient processes with high data quality.

We are led by the initiative to train skills in order to decrease the skilled worker shortage in Finance, especially in Berlin.


You want us to train your team?

If you want to support the initiative of reducing skilled worker shortage by training the resources available, let us team up.

We can evaluate your candidates with you. Even if interested, not every person has the best mentality to fit into a position. We give you our direct and honest opinion about the candidates you consider.

When you found a candidate you want to hire, but are not sure whether the skills and experience are sufficient, let us help you by training, coaching, and or mentoring your talent(s).

We want to help you thrive, and lead your business with qualified financial data in connection with operational KPIs. We can train your team in using efficient solutions that make data available for you faster and more connected than with a tax advisor or an overworked accounting team. 

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Do you want us to train your Team?

We can help you with it. Let’s talk!