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Invoice Management

  • Get control over invoices
  • Understand expenses and income
  • Enable smart Payment Processes
  • Visualize your financials fast
  • Connect your invoices to your Budgets
  • Get cost reports on the fly

Take Control over your incoming & outgoing invoices.

You can go wrong from step one.

The easiest way to keep the overview and reduce expenses for the tax advisor is to keep and build up lists, and databases for incoming and outgoing invoices.

This is a simple yet often undervalued step or the format of your lists is not perfect for the purpose. Your lists may not show up to their full potential. We have seen solutions rather in a view format than in a logical format to get the best results.

We have seen clients with and without control over their incoming and outgoing invoices. In most cases, this can be optimized.

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Our Invoice Control Solutions

Our solution enables you for example...

  • to keep track of due dates.
  • to easily already add cost centers, cost types, and cost units for a better understanding.
  • to have a view format of your expenses with all info you wish, on a monthly view.
  • to consider gross and net results.
  • to optimize your Cashflow planning.
  • to make life easier for your accountant or tax advisor.
  • To connect expenses and income to your budgets to understand the level of Budget Achievement

Our solutions let you understand your situation anytime, anywhere, even before your accountant or tax advisor is done.


We love structure and control

By using valuable techniques of databases as well as decades of experience in finance departments, we can offer you to implement a cheap yet often priceless solution to get control over your invoices, expenses, and management decisions.

Imagine a day when you open your tool, all information is up to date already and you can understand even in intuitive graphs, which department spends how much for software, or how the revenue billed developed over the past months. We enable you or your Finance Management to directly see which invoices have to be paid or which clients need to be reminded to please pay.


Do you want to take control of your invoices? 

We can bring back control. Let’s talk!