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Project Evaluation

  • Understand your projects' target
  • Analyze your project set up and project plan
  • Elaborate a SWOT analysis
  • Defining a Strategic Change Catalogue
  • Optimizing your projects' workflow
  • Continuous project monitoring

Let our project experience evaluate your companies' projects.

Project Success.

Projects can help your company realize changes, develop new products, enter new markets, implement a company culture, create a more efficient production process and much more. Working on projects can support a company to reach new levels of business success.

Most companies run projects, but how are they running? Do they use resources efficiently? Are they managed well? Are resources used effectively? How are the processes being monitored? For a project to succeed, the project evaluation is crucial. Otherwise you may not reach your true potential. 

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Project Management Evaluation

With decades of experience in diverse industries, the professionals Sabana worked in project and program management already. We successfully developed projects from start to the end and even wrote university degree thesis about the topic. We know how to manage projects. 

This experience is highly valued by our clients. We generate an added value which is the base to success. We love to succeed with our clients. Are you interested? Then contact us to talk about your projects. We would love to evaluate them to put you up to success.  


Evaluate and monitor your project(s)

It is up to you: When you are happy with our project evaluation, we can also monitor the progress. We can help your team implement changes, reduce risks and threats as well as increase the chances and opportunities. At the end, we want your business to succeed, because only happy clients are good clients.

We analyze and evaluate your projects, offer SWOT analysis, give recommendations, develop a change framework or (interim) manage your projects. With our experience, you succeed.

No matter, if just a project evaluation or actively coordinating a project, we are the right partner for you.

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Do you have a project that needs evaluation?

We love projects. Let’s talk!