Know your business' worth

Company Assessment

  • Assess Financial Performance
  • Valuate your company
  • Analyze Market Positioning
  • Evaluate Strategy & Leadership
  • Control Cost, SCM and Production Process
  • Assess Products, Services, Risks, Sustainability and CSR

We will independently assess your Business

Why you should assess your company.

The most important decisions in business need a solid foundation. Assessing your company correctly and neutrally can be the base of smart choices.
Company Assessment is crucial for making Investment Decisions, overviewing Risk Management, coordinating Mergers and Acquisitions, planning your Strategy, validating your Company's Performance, Communicating to Stakeholders, creating Operational and Business Transparency yourself, or needing to fulfill Compliance and Regulatory Requirements.
Some clients need it for investors or other stakeholders, while others need it for smarter business decisions. Many companies lack skills, neutrality, experience, or capacities. Do you have what you need to successfully assess the status of your company?

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Company Status Assessment.

Company assessment is a valuable tool to better understand your business' worth.

These are the pillars we focus on to assess a company:

  • Financial performance

Including revenue, profitability, cash flow, and financial ratios

  • Company Valuation

Based on standards such as Fair Value or Discounted Cashflow.

  • Market Position

Analyzing your market share, competitive landscape, customer base, and Unique selling point.

  • Management and Leadership

Assessing your management's strategic vision, decision-making, corporate governance, and ability to execute business plans.

Additionally, our business assessment may include the aspects of Operations and Efficiency (Cost Control, Supply Chain Management, Production Processes), Products & Services (quality, uniqueness, and relevance of your products or services), Risk Assessment (analyzing possible risks for your business) as well as Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR; environmental social and governance practices of your business).


What we need from you

You need to be open for a neutral perspective. Our results may be scary or a chance for you to be more successful in business. Be open to strengthen your business.

If this is given, we need you to trust in us and let us do what we do best. Our strengths are our Team, experience, drive, and knowledge. We love seeing clients successful because we are or were a part of it.

So, let us not waste time. We know about company assessment and you need us aboard with fair pricing, reflecting our skills as well as experience. Invest in your bright future. Trust in Sabana assessments.

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