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Other Services

  • Coaching for your career Development
  • Mentoring in Finance, Strategy, and Expansion
  • Closing Interim Management Gaps
  • Advising on Supply Chain Management
  • Making your Brand stand out
  • Make you stand out in the world wide web

Of course, our abilities are not limited to Finance, Strategy and Controlling. We do other things well as well.
On this page we show you our hidden strengths.


Every successful team needs a coach. Whether you got a Team Lead who is great at coaching or you want an external profile to give you a fresh view, coaching can help you advance.

We offer Coaching sessions depending on your needs in the areas of our expertise:
Strategy Management, Business Planning, Finance & Controlling, Business Expansion, Intercultural Competences, Supply Chain Management, Branding and more.

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Management Mentoring.

Do you feel like being at the point of your career where you need a mentor, someone who can give you great advice? Are you looking for someone who can help you reach the next level?

With years of international business experience, we are happy, to mentor you in your career development. Read about who we are and contact us when you want us to mentor you.


Leadership is important. A team lead directly influences the work within and from a team. Whether you are looking for a first team lead or you are looking for a replacement, we can fill the gap. 

Have you so far led the team but you got too many things to do? This is normal. Important is, your team is the heart of your company. It deserves a great team leader to get the best results and skill development. Leadership is important for your team to work smoothly. It directly influences the results of your business. We are happy to help out.



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Supply Chain Management.

Experienced in supporting and coordinating companies in the energy sector for years, we worked internationally on challenges of the supply chain in raw materials for the energy industry. In connection with market intelligence reports, a product was born which was highly demanded by international clients.

If you are facing challenges in Supply Chain Management, feel more than welcome to contact us. Our experts more than are happy to help you with your success.


Your Brand is the identity of your company, product, and/ or service in the market. From the logo over product design to the client communication and much more are directly influencing it. Branding is used to establish your presence, build trust and loyalty, as well as drive your business growth. It helps you stand out from the competition, but building a successful brand is not that simple. 

Do you like what you see from us? Let's talk to understand your challenges, and needs, as well as how we can cooperate in the most effective and efficient way.

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Website development

Web Development & Copywriting.

A great website is your address on the world wide web. It is a key component of your branding and a major communication channel for your clients.
Great copywriting directly talks to your target group. It is crucial for your success.

We are experienced in building websites like this and copywriting. We even already built basic webshops and wrote books. This website, design, and texting are completely done by us. Only some images are stock images but also chosen and edited by our team.

While not one of our core services, we love to build websites. 

If you love our spirit and work, let's have a talk.

Got an interesting project to work on?

We can help you with it. Let’s talk!